Get ready for LSS!

This weekend has been crazily busy for us. I subbed for Ashley and taught the Saturday morning class at Sol Yoga, and then went to the SPCA to look at kitties. Yes, we are finally ready for our very own cat, and her name is Little Sunflower Seed (LSS). Lots of preparation has to take place before we bring her home, so we have been scouting everything from cat litter to cat housing. Unfortunately I’m not going to leak any photos of her just yet, but I can say she is absolutely adorable and very playful.

One thing I learned about this weekend is expectations. We tend to expect a lot of things from different people around us, yet we seldom look back at ourselves and see what are we offering in return. It’s like those old fashioned balancing scales, if only one party gives then the scale is bound to tilt and fall. I need to do my share of work so that other people can focus on what they do best, and not have to cover or pick up after me. However, the tricky part is I need to know what the other person truly needs, instead of doing things based on what I think they need, which ends up being what I need for myself. It’s kind of like choosing a gift for a friend when that gift is actually what you want for yourself. Knowing your roles and best qualities will help any relationship stay balanced and happy for all parties involved, which will in turn make you feel appreciated and proud of what you do.

Also, speak up for yourself and get straight to the point, not just focusing on what’s on the surface. There are always core reasons that lie underneath your anger and resentment. If you avoid facing and solving the real underlying problems, the issue will just keep coming back in different forms, and like rolling a snowball, it will just keep on getting bigger and bigger, until one day you are so far away from the truths that it’s impossible to face it anymore.

Try to keep your head above the water and see all your surroundings, maybe the other shore is closer than you think.


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