First snow

As I woke up this morning, David told me to dress warm because there is a layer of snow outside. I jumped out of bed with excitement and looked out our bedroom window. I was expecting to see a sea of white with roof tops and grass covered in snow, to my disappointment, there was only a very thin layer on our roof and is already melting away.

It’s surprising that the west coast is already covered up in snow and it is still sunny and warm here. I joked and said that I must have brought Vancouver’s weather over and we might just have a warm raining winter. Our skis and snowboard are stored away in our basement, and seeing the photos of our friends at Crypress and Grouse just makes me itch with excitement. There is a bunny hill here but nowhere close to moutains. David says if I want to go skiing I might as well go cross country skiing right outside when it really snows, I laughed and said to get run over by cars?

I think it will be a beautiful winter here, with lots of snow and much to look forward to. I want to roll up a snowman and make other snow statues in our front yard and have really big snow fights.

Who knows, maybe this will be the best winter yet.

Stay warm everyone!

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