When dreaming becomes too much

When I was nine years old, my Swedish teacher asked us to talk about our dreams. He asked if our dreams were black and white, how much we remembered about them, and what kind of languages we spoke in our dreams. That was when I realized not everyone dreamed like I do.

I have always loved to dream. My dreams are vivid with color, imagination, and a long storyline. Sometimes I know that I’m dreaming, so I take the chance to explore the world I’ve created and let things happen as I like, or realize that I’ve had this dream before, so I tell everyone not to be afraid because I know exactly what will happen next. I love having control over my dreams, and getting to experience things I would have never had a chance to in real life.

Lately though I’ve been afraid to go to sleep. My dreams are getting longer and more intricate, as if I was in a different world going through one adventure after another. I wake up in the morning feeling tired and still absorbed in my dreams, for they last till the second I wake up. Although I do end up forgetting about them as the day goes by, but an object or a word someone say can remind me about my entire dream and suddenly it’s as if it really happened.

When I watched the Inception, I was amazed at the concept but also felt it was somewhat real. I constantly have dreams within dreams, and my dreams span over weeks and months. I’ve never though intercepted anyone else’ dreams, but maybe I could work on that in the future.

So when is dreaming too much? I’ve always wanted to visit a sleep doctor to see if there’s anything wrong during my sleep, but on the other hand I don’t want to loose my dreams if I ever do get cured. These dreams have been with me for all my life, and it’s what I b0th look forward to and dread about before I go to sleep. I wish we could record our dreams and collect them, or decide on what to dream about and what character to play.

Maybe one day we can get to the bottom of what dreaming really is, and use it to help us achieve our real potentials.


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