Live and embrace life

It has been a while since my last blog post. I have settled into my new role and life, and thought that I have forgotten about Vancouver and the city life. I have gotten used to driving everywhere because of the wide spread distances between villages, excited about the weekly flyers in order to find the best value for groceries and household items, and the friendly smiles and close knit community where everyone knows everyone.

That is, until I watched the Cupcake Girls on TV today.

All I can see was the 99 b-line that passed by on West Broadway, the people relaxing and shopping on Robson Street, the girls that wore fashionable clothes and high heels, and the familiar streets and buildings that suddenly brought all my memories back.

I miss Vancouver.

I miss LWS coming to visit every night scratching on my window door. I miss picking out outfits that matches my heels. I miss riding my bike on designated bike routes. I miss walking out to get fresh groceries. I miss having sidewalks with trees and beautiful sceneries. I miss taking the buses and skytrains knowing you can go anywhere. I miss dialing with an area code first. I miss yoga studios and coffee shops on every block. I miss restaurants and bars that serve great food and drinks till late at night.

But I know that I cannot grab onto the past and hide behind it. It’s like the Warrior 2 pose, your front arm is reaching into the future, your back arm is looking at the past, but your body and heart stays present and centered. I see the beauty and goodness this community brings, and feel so blessed  to be given the opportunity to guide people through the journey of Yoga, especially when most of them have never done it before! Now that’s something you don’t find in Vancouver everyday : )

So be happy with where you are and enjoy every moment of it. If not, do something about it.

Live and embrace life.

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