Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of the year again! Dig through your closet, be creative, and find something different this year. I hear Katy Pery and Lady Gaga are still popular choices, but how about dressing up as Angry bird, Fruit Ninja, Android green man, QR code scanner, or the Old spice commercial guy?

It’s pretty chilly here already, so I’m staying in tonight and watching scary movies while opening doors for the kids. I’m glad the wind storm has finally stopped this morning, or it would have been painful for the kids to go trick or treating in the pouring rain. I read somewhere that you know you’re from Nova Scotia when you design your children’s halloween costumes to fit over their snow suits. I guess this is why I miss Vancouver, the nice cool weather, people dressed up on the buses, and all the great parties happening all week long.

So what am I going to be this year? Staying low key and true to the halloween spirit, I’m going to be a witch : )

Have a great All-Hallows-Eve everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Deborah says:

    Happy Hallowe’en, Sophie. The weather gods have been kind to us here, with a bright, sunny day at hand. I have decorated my house and gardens with all sorts of Hallowe’en fun stuff and am looking forward to all the little (and not so little) ‘trick or treaters’ once darkness is upon us!

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