Ever changing and always evolving

Things in the universe seldom stay the same. Even if you sit still and meditate, you are still evolving mentally. If you refuse change and hold on to old habits and ideas that no longer serve you (like my Yoga teacher Heather always says), you are only going to be left behind and forgotten by others. As I went through this week’s yoga classes, I had to change and adapt to new environment and different people. I was very proud of the flow I’ve created this week, but when it didn’t suit my students’ needs, I had to make changes on the spot and recreate a different flow for them. In the end, some really liked it and found it relaxing, and some found it not challenging enough and wanted more. It’s difficult to please everyone (like everything else in life), but as a yoga teacher, I need to find the balance and offer different variations and modifications so that all of my students get what they were looking for when they came to my class.

It can be difficult to accept change, especially when you get settled for a long time and what you know and created is your treasured baby, finding it difficult to let it go or have people raise objections to it. You like the routine you’ve created, enjoy the company you keep, and find your views on the world the best and most suitable for your own needs. But as you get more and more comfortable with your life, have you ever considered the possibility that you’re actually closing your mind to new ideas, your routine can be harmful to your well being, and the people surrounding you can be negative influences?

There is an old Chinese saying that you should keep on learning as you grow older (活到老,学到老), so the older you get, the wiser you should be. But that seldom is the case, for we tend to become offended and shut ourselves down when new ideas clash with our own. You can view it as embarrassing and disrespectful to have someone point out what you’re doing wrong in your life, but you can also keep an open mind and see the positive suggestions and changes that can be made to improve your life.

It’s never too late to change, and that doesn’t always require you to move to a new city or country. You can always start fresh right now, this moment, by making a conscience decision in doing so. Look around and let go of any negativity that’s blocking you from succeeding, and find people who are positive influences and support you in achieving your goals. Read books and world news to stay on top of what’s happening, and always think how can I apply what I’ve learned to make my life better? Don’t be scared and learn to let go, because only when you empty out the negatives will you have room to let positive energy flow through you.

So step out of the box and see the world that’s truly out there, speak with your own actions instead of just words. Don’t be the frog that’s sitting at the bottom of the well thinking that piece of sky he sees is all there’s to it. Take charge and be responsible for your own life and happiness.

Have a great weekend everyone! Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Ever changing and always evolving

  1. Deborah says:

    Some good sentiments expressed here, Sophie. You’ve obviously put much thought into this commentary. I really like the analogy re: the frog sitting at the bottom of the well staring up at a small square of sky. Stay safe. Be well.

    • Sophie Ke says:

      Thanks Deb! That is actually from a Chinese proverb called “frog at the bottom of the well”. I have been revisiting these ancient wisdom and finding lots of deep meanings and thoughts condensed up into these four character Chinese idioms.

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