Realizing opportunities & make it yours

Things are starting to look up for me in Greenwood, even though the weather took a bad turn this week. The unavoidably rain finally arrived, and the temperature dropped down to 10 degrees. However, I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching yoga at the beautiful Sol Yoga Studio in Kentville on Thursday nights at 7pm.

How I came about this opportunity is quite an interesting story. I have been searching for studios around the area since I arrived, but the only studio I found was in Wolfville, which is even further than Kentville. I was a bit reluctant to drive an hour each way just to teach yoga, so I kept on searching and found a facebook page for a local yoga teacher. Last Thursday she posted that she’ll no longer be teaching at the Sol Yoga Studio, so I immediately did a search and contacted the owner and operator Ashley. Everything went quickly and smoothly from there, and I went in last Saturday morning for a class with her. It felt so good to reconnect with the yoga community again, and we had a great chat afterwards where she gave me lots of advice and tips on the area, and what the yoga market is like here. The studio itself is very bright and spacious, and Ashley teaches with great fluidity and positive intentions, connecting people with their own breaths and the community. It really reminds me of Open Door, and made me feel at home again. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to teach here.

So the moral of the story is to always know what you want, have your skills ready, and send off positive thoughts and energies. The universe will always find a sneaky way to give you what you want, and when that happens, grab onto it and make it your reality.


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