Living Yoga

Today was the second time I taught yoga at the sports centre. I prepared my flow all week, arrived 20 minutes early, and centered myself before the class. At ten to 12, there still wasn’t anyone and I began to worry if anyone will actually show up. As I took a deep breath and calmed myself down, two girls walked in, and then more people started to come. I ended up with twelve people and am really happy with the turn out.

As I lead the class through the flow, I started to see how different bodies move through different postures.  I felt their eyes on me, anxious and excited to be guided through each pose. It all suddenly became so real to me, all of these people are in my care, and it’s my responsibility to make sure they flow through these poses safely and smoothly, with intentions and self consciousnesses. It’s not about me showing off my act or recite through my prepared flow, it’s about what the students need, and my flow has to adjust and transform with them.

Yoga is very much alive through how you act and choose to live your life. It strives on each breath you take, and becomes a part of you with each move you make. As you diligently practice your postures with grace and mediate with intentions, your mind will clear and your heart will open up to new ideas and endless possibilities.

So be patient with yourself and let the breath guide you, through yoga and everyday life.



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