Miss Representation

I was just watching Oprah’s Lifeclass on OWN TV, and she talked about the topic of aging beautifully. In her previous interview with Cybill Shepherd, Cybill came clean about how she lost her identity when she started to grow old, and when heads no longer turned for her when she walked into the room, she was devastated. Beauty opened doors for Cybill, but also defined who she was, and that’s why it was so difficult for her to accept her own aging, and went through a stage where she no longer wanted to look at herself in the mirror.

This really struck me hard, because I have been struggling all my life with the concept of beauty. Our society loves and promotes beauty, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it’s the extent of what we do to achieve beauty that scares me. Magazines and mass media no longer show how we really look, but rather Photoshopped and air brushed versions that’s far from the truths. Throughout my teenage years, I thought people will only like me if I was skinny, and only then I would become beautiful. I soon stopped after the endless diets ruined my stomach, and I saw my best friend becoming so skinny that I was scared for her life. I was very lucky that I found yoga in my life, and soon realized that it’s what’s inside that matters, not how you look but rather who you are, because looks will only fade with time.

When we start to look in the mirror see past how we look and find our hearts and what we can offer to the world, that is when true beauty starts. They say that beauty is only skin deep, but real beauty is heart felt and can transform how we see a person. Oprah said she isn’t beautiful or pretty, but when I see her and what she does for the world, I honestly think she is amazingly beautiful. True beauty shines out far more brighter than what make up and clothes can do for us, and I hope we can educate ourselves and others to see past what’s on the surface and develop inner qualities.

Remember that you have to get to know who you truly are deep inside, because everything external will fade with time. Become a positive influence to everyone around you, and start the change with yourself today.


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