Swagbucks & how to get free prizes

I’ve been waiting to blog about this for a while now, but wanted to make sure that it’s real and legit until I do so. I was very skeptical at first, thinking it must be a scam of some sort, but it really does work, and pay off with real prizes and gift cards.

The website is swagbucks.com, sign up for a free account and you’ll instantly be awarded with 50 Swag bucks (SB). To understand the system, 700 SB gets you a $5 PayPal gift card.

So how does it work? It works by giving you random SB through searching, watching TV, playing games, and doing other tasks and surveys. I’m sure there are people who really gets the system and earn more SB than I will ever do, but here’s how I do it:

1. Install the Swagbucks toolbar. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on Google Chrome yet, but what it does is award you with 1SB everyday. It also gives out very random SB through mail and messages.

2. Change your bookmarks. Instead of clicking on your bookmarks directly to the site you want to go, change the address to reflect a search through SwagBucks.  Points are randomly awarded when you search, so for every daily site you go to and search through SB, you have a chance of winning SB points. I know it can be annoying at first, not being directed to the site straight away, but after a while you’ll get used to it, and when you win you’ll be glad.

3. Earn SB everyday by doing the Daily Poll, NOSO, Games, SBTV, Surveys, and Tasks. Groupon and Living Social deals bought through SB daily deals can also get you extra points.

4. Follow the Swagcode Spoiler website for codes that earn you SB throughout the day. These codes are posted on random pages, but I have no time to go search for them myself, so this site helps me earn SB faster.

5. The prizes! It’s up to you to get what you like. I like the PayPal gift cards because then it allows me to buy directly off ebay : )

Happy searching and earning everyone!


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