Let’s talk compost

The most shocking thing about moving to Greenwood must be their waste resource management system, aka the compost and recycling system. Back in Vancouver I would sort my recyclables into bins, but never had a compost. Well here in the Annapolis Valley, it’s actually against the law to dispose recyclables and composts in the regular garbage! I didn’t realize how environmentally friendly (and picky) they are here until I saw their “Easy to be Green” brochure.

It’s quite the intricate system, where garbage goes in the clear bag, recycling goes in the clear blue bag, and compost goes in the big green cart outside each house. Collection is done every two weeks, and you can only have a maximum of 8 bags of garbage + recycling together. However, if you don’t sort your recycling properly, they will go through your garbage and send you a warning letter in the mail!

I do like being green and environmentally responsible, but I dislike having mountain high garbage bags clogging up my kitchen space. It’s also very frustrating to figure out which type of paper goes in the compost and which goes in the recycling. I guess it takes time to get used to, and then it’ll become second nature to me. Perhaps this is also to make me realize how much garbage I go through in 2 weeks, and to cut down on the things I don’t need to buy (and throw out later).

I know that Vancouver has been thinking about mandatory composting for a while now, especially with the Green 2020 agenda coming up soon. I hope we can all learn from each other, and make this world a greener place for the generations to come.

Here is the website if anyone is interested to learn more about how we manage our waste resources here!


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk compost

  1. Jennifer says:

    How wonderful that your city does this! If only we’d catch up, I can’t imagine how much less waste there would be in our little town. Kudos to you! Did you finally get used to it?

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