Life as it is

It has been 2 weeks since we arrived in Greenwood. We switched between hotels for the first week waiting for our furniture to arrive, and when it finally came this Monday, we spent the entire week unpacking and setting up our new home. There were more things than we originally anticipated, and finding a home for all of them was a fun job.

We found this gigantic lawn chair outside of Falcourt Inn where we stayed, it made me feel even more like a little person!

Move in day was very exciting and tiring. We emptied out 1/4 of a big truck full of our boxes and furniture. I had the fun job of playing bingo, where the movers called out article numbers and I cross them out on the sheet.

We finally got internet today, but I must say life was actually better without it for a change. We focused on the tasks at hand and spent more time with each other, rather than facing our laptops and the TV screen (like we are doing right now). It’s weird to think that I didn’t have internet all through my childhood, yet it’s impossible nowadays to live without it. The same goes for cellphones, and since Fido doesn’t provide a local number here, I had to cancel my plan and left feeling disconnected with the rest of the world. I also missed out on the launch of iPhone 4S and the passing of dear Steve Jobs…

What’s really exciting is that starting next week, I will be teaching a free noon time yoga class every Friday at the PSP Sport Centre on base. It’ll be a great experience and a way to get to know more people. I am also set to volunteer with the Military Family Resource Centre, and hope to get a job at the local pet store so that I can take Cari home soon. I miss LWS a lot, sometimes staring into the windows doors here and forget that she’s no longer with me, waiting for her to come meowing by and nudge her head in again… 😥 But meet Cari, an adorable tiger striped kitty at the local SPCA that I’ve been eying on since July.

And that’s the update for the week. Have a great thanksgiving weekend and happy eating everyone!


2 thoughts on “Life as it is

  1. Chris Pang says:

    Congratulations to you and David on your new happy home Sophie! Good to hear that you are settling in smoothly… I agree that too much connectivity to internet and cell phones can make us unproductive and feel even more disconnected sometimes.

    Take care… look forward to reading more about your new home!

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