Transitions from west to east

Whether you are moving from one yoga pose to another, or from one city to another, transitions can be intimidating and nerve racking; especially when you don’t know what to expect.

Reality has started to slowly sink in that I’m now officially a permanent resident in the province of Nova Scotia; a place that’s as far away as you can get from Vancouver. Even when I forget that I’m no longer residing in BC, my new Nova Scotia driver’s license and car plate seems to gladly remind me the fact that I’m now on the east coast, and no longer in my comfort zone.

Instead of walking into a super market and exclaiming, “their food prices are so high! I can get a whole load of vegetables with this much money in Vancouver!”, I now have to stop comparing prices and accept the fact that OUR food prices and taxes are high, and eating out is only for special occasions.

Then it hit me that there will always be things I could complain about no matter where I lived. Vancouver was great, but I am here now, this is my present and will become my future, so what is the point on being unhappy and close myself up with memories of the past? I would rather enjoy every moment I have right now, be happy and open my heart to new possibilities.

Cheers to positive thinking and here are some reasons why I like Nova Scotia:

1. No more rush hour or car congestion.

2. You get your driver’s license on the spot in 3 minutes, instead of waiting for them to mail it to you in 2 weeks.

3. Free parking almost everywhere, and in big cities free on Saturdays and Sundays!

4. Cheap Atlantic lobsters by the pound.

5. Close to the US border, and easy to fly to Europe.

So yes, I am going to embrace all the Nova Scotian in me : )


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