Canada’s Ocean playland

After 10 days of driving 600km a day, we are finally in Nova Scotia. Not yet in Greenwood, but staying in the town of Truro before  hitting our new home tomorrow.

Thinking back on every time I cross the border at Peace Arch, I always feel excited and happy to be finally home in Vancouver. But this time when we cross the tiny little border at St. Stephen in New Brunswick, I didn’t feel much at all. David said it’s because it’s not home to us yet, I agree. Nova Scotia and the Maritimes is still foreign to us, a place we will live and explore for the next three or four years, but not yet part of our identity at this moment. I wonder if I will love this place and call it home after living here for a couple of years, or would we still feel we belong in Vancouver?

Another odd feeling I’m having is that I keep on thinking our trip is coming to an end soon, and David is going to drop me off at the Halifax airport for me to fly home to Vancouver. It’s strange to think that I no longer have a home in Vancouver, and that I now belong here, in Nova Scotia, for the next few years of my life. I’m not just passing by or traveling, I am relocating. It’s like having an identity crisis, not knowing where I belong, but not yet willing to settle and tell people I’m from Greenwood.

Then again, transitions are always difficult, just like switching between poses in yoga. So I will keep my heart and mind open, take deep breaths, and flow through it all with grace and determination. I am already looking forward to get the keys to our new place next Monday and for our furniture to arrive on time. I also hope I can start teaching and bringing yoga into the community, and to embrace the village of Greenwood as my home.

Welcome to my journey in Canada’s Ocean Playland, Nova Soctia.


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