Empire state of mind

We stayed at a town right beside Lake Erie last night called Erie in Pennsylvania, and went finally to Famous Dave’s BBQ. I’ve been eying the restaurant since Montana, and David finally gave in. Well, what he said was if I don’t let you eat it now, you’ll bug me for the rest of my life, so we’re going. We ordered the baby back ribs and it was really yummy. Although we didn’t like dry ribs as much as the moist and tender ones, I must say the sauce they use was really tasty! The bread pudding at the end was just amazing. Yum!

Today we drove all the way to New York, and is staying in Albany. The weather in New York changes like a baby, sunny for a bit, and suddenly it’s pouring rain. Then comes the rainbow, and some cloudy weather.

By the time we got to Albany, the weather was humid and hot, not my favourite at all. We went to the apple store because my new ipod nano 6th gen wouldn’t charge at all. It was a gift for my birthday, and I’ve only had it for a little bit over a month. The tech guy at the genius bar said that when you look inside the earphone hole, you can see a pink ink, which suggest that water got inside, from running and sweat! We were really pissed off at apple for making something that’s so finicky and sensitive to humidity and moisture. My old ipod shuffle worked just fine, even in the rain! Now they make it so that you can’t even run with it?

Anyways, it was under 3 months and they gave me another one on the spot (a refurbished one of course). I’m not sure what I can do with this anymore if I can’t even exercise with it? So heads up to all of you out there who’s thinking of getting a new ipod, they are too easy to damage!


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