All hail Mall of America

We took a break today from all the driving, and went to Mall of America for some shopping and fun. I’ve heard how gigantic the mall is, but until I stepped inside, I didn’t realize how big it really was! I knew there were roller coasters, but didn’t know that there’s an entire Nickelodeon Universe inside! I felt like a kid again, and didn’t even know where to start looking.

We decided to walk around the mall first, and by the end of the entire first floor, we were already tired. Metrotown compared to this is like a piece of cake. I went on a shopping spree at Urban Outfitters, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, and bought myself a pair of waterproof fuzzy wuzzy boots for the upcoming winter in Greenwood.

We were so tired that we never  finished walking on the 3rd floor, nor did we go to the Sea Life aquarium. We did however, went on three rides at the Nickelodeon Universe. I’m really scared of heights and free fall, so no matter how David bugged me, I wouldn’t go on the Sponge Bob Square pants Rock Bottom Plunge, so he went on it himself, and said that it was nothing compared to his bungee jumps. We went together on the log chute (water fall) and the pepsi orange streak (a mellower roller coaster that goes around the entire park). David said that if I screamed then I wouldn’t be scared, so I screamed on the top of my lungs in such a high pitch that the lady at the photo stand said to me, nice scream!

Tomorrow is going to be a long drive to Chicago. My feet now hurts and needs some serious rest and soaking in hot water… Time to hit the bed early today!


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