Happy Weekend from Bismarck!

Time and date seems to blur when you are on the road. I totally forgot that today is Saturday, and have lost track of how many days we’ve spent driving already (I think 4?). We have just arrived in Bismarck, ND, and will be hitting the malls tomorrow near Minneapolis (I’m very excited!).

Not much has happened apart from changing the scenery from the mountains to the prairies. It started raining this morning near Billing MT, and was cloudy all the way to Bismarck. I was hoping we could catch a nice thunder storm, and David was hoping for a tornado, neither of which happened, thank goodness!

We had lunch at Biga Pizza in Missoula, MT yesterday, and they never disappoint! Last time we drove by we had their cherry piazza, and this time we tried their special for the day with ham, broccoli, and peppers.

We also realized the reason why Angry Bird is angry – David’s stinky socks!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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