Road to Spokane

My alarm clock went off at 6:30am this morning, but I was not ready to get up. We wanted to get a head start to avoid the morning traffic jam out of Seattle, but my eye lids were still heavy, and I didn’t sleep well the night before because David kept on stealing all the blankets!

At 8am we finally hit the road towards Spokane, a city 437km away from Seattle on the northwestern side of WA. It was an easy drive, with very interesting and changing scenery along the way. The most amazing view was the wind mill farm we saw that expanded rows after rows.

By lunch time we were already at the outskirts of Spokane, and decided to have lunch at the place we missed out on our drive to Toronto last Christmas, Chaps restaurant and bakery. It is a very interesting place with a friendly atmosphere and beautiful decors. We ordered the French Dip and Monte Cristo sandwiches, and they were paired perfectly with a butternut squash soup and home made strawberry jam. Their dinner and breakfast are also one of the best in town, and we will definitely come by again if we ever drive through Spokane.

On a side note, today is also the day that we hit Platinum level with Best Western hotels, having stayed 15 nights in total. We hope to hit Diamond Elite soon : )

Time to hit the gym to work out my sitting car bum, then sleep early for the long road tomorrow to Billings Montana!


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