Happy Moon Cake Festival

I am now lying in a King size bed in my own hotel room on Kingsway, watching the Miss Universe 2011 LIVE from Brazil.

What I miss the most right now is LWS, her cute little white paws walking around my laptop, stepping on my keyboard and meowing at me. I’m really sad that I probably won’t be able to see her again, and that no one will be there to open the door for her anymore. I did however, leave a note in my mail box for the new tenant, hoping that she’ll take care of LWS for me.

Today started at 7am, with yoga at 9am, and Integrative Energy Healing with my Vesna. I was so calmed and relaxed after the session, almost like all the stress has been blown away. I had lunch at Q-go ramen on West Broadway and Granville, and I must say, out of all the ramen places I’ve been to (and I’ve been to every single one of them in Vancouver), this one is the best!

At 4pm I returned my keys to the apartment and officially moved out. It was definitely a sense of relieve with lots of anticipation for our new life together.

The night ended at Octopus Garden, a very hidden sushi restaurant near Jericho beach on Cornwall Ave. It’s a lot pricier than Toshi Sushi, but has way more selection of specialty sushi and sashimi,  and a to die for black sesame soy Gelato.

Tomorrow? Shopping on Main Street and just take in everything Vancouver has to offer, one last day : (

Octopus Garden
1995 Cornwall Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1C9
(604) 734-8971


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