The Goodbye Wagon

Today is a good day.

We started off with brunch at the Red Wagon on East Hastings. I had their pulled pork benny, and it was really delicious! The line up was a bit long (like any good restaurant in Vancouver!), but it was all worth it in the end with my full belly. I also had a small piece of the pulled pork pancake, and it was definitely something different! A bit sweet and a bit salty, very interesting taste.

We then spent the last three hours moving all the items from my apartment to Dave’s place. It took three of us, three loads and a lot of work. The trickiest park was putting the stereo back inside its box, and figuring out which Styrofoam fits where and how. It was like a maze!

Next we went for BBT at Cute Pearls in Kerrisdale, and had an amazing dinner cooked by David’s cousin Tony.

I ended the night by winning a game of monopoly with a very lucky start. I hit chance and went around the board, so I could start buying on my first round. Pretty awesome! David says he trained me well, and they all said I got David’s luck.

Now I’m back in my apartment, and it’s the last night here.

Good night, and goodbye.

Red Wagon Cafe
2296 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V5L 1V4
(604) 568-4565

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