Grooving the Lulu

How could I not do the Lulu before I leave Vancouver? Thanks to Mike and Deb’s gift card, I went down to Robson today and found myself a perfect pair of Groove pants.

The difference between their signature Groove and Astro pants is that Groove has a flared leg and a higher rise, whereas Astro has a straighter leg and a low rise waist band. Since I already have the Astro crop, I decided to go with the Groove pants this time.

I tried several colors in the size 4, and was surprised to be told by the sales that they’re too big for me. I later checked their sizing chart and realized that I’m a size 4 on the top but a size 2 on the bottom (does that mean I’m not balanced?). I finally decided on a grey one, and loved it even more when the receipt came out to be $79 instead of the tag price of $98. I guess it must have been in the “we made too much” pile, what a lucky day!

I’m really excited to wear them on the trip next week, as I’ve heard so many raves about them, with some people even saying that they want to live in them forever! I personally think they are really comfy pants, but not to the point of never taking them off. The cut of these pants are a bit different than my TNA ones, which I’ve had for almost 4 years now and still going strong. The Lulu pants have a tighter hug and shinier material, and I was almost unease to see my legs shaped out so clearly with these pants!

I hope they will last me those five good years like they advertised!


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