Journey back to UBC

Why is life like a castle, people inside wants to get out and people outside wants to come in?

That’s how I feel about UBC.

While I was in school, I wanted to start work sooner and never deal with homework or exams again. Now three years after graduation, I truly miss UBC and everything about being in school.

Waiting for the 99 b-line this morning was like a deja vu, and stepping out at the bus loop was just like arriving back in time. Everything looked the same, and I was among students again, lots of them!

It felt vibrant, alive, and good. As I passed the SUB, library, bookstore, there was a sense of belonging and being at home. I was walking again on the same streets that I’ve walked on, and sitting inside the same buildings I’ve sat on for five years of my life.

A bit foreign, yet strangely familiar.

I miss UBC, and the people that used to be here with me. But I have already moved on, and so have they. Now the same hallways are filled with fresh faces and younger smiles.

Happy first week of school everyone! Enjoy every moment you have, because time, really flies.


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