The joy of packing

Can’t believe it’s already Tuesday, and tomorrow will be the final count down to my last week in Vancouver.

My place is all packed up except the clothes, which I will wait until I finish laundry on Saturday and decide on what to bring with me on the trip. I’m really thankful that I’m a pack rat and kept all the original boxes and Styrofoams. It was also a great help to have Mark around to move the heavy appliances and wrap up all the dishes.

What I didn’t expect was how much garbage bags I have accumulated! I never knew I stuffed this much inside the draw, and was just totally shocked! I will now think twice before asking for a plastic bag, and to bring my own reusable bags next time.

We also went shopping today and found the perfect rug that matches the curtains we bought at IKEA for the living room. It was at Canadian Tire (who knew they sell rugs!), and it was the last one in store. It’s like everything just worked out so perfectly, and I’m looking forward to my yoga class at 6:15 to relax and clear my mind, although I doubt Heather will let us chill in her power class : )

What’s the plan for tomorrow? Walk around UBC and act like it’s my first day of school!


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