Toshi Sushi

I hear that Vancouverites eat sushi and does yoga religiously, but even so, finding the perfect sushi restaurant is a difficult task. There are so many sushi places out there with a vast price range, but most are not authentic or tasty. Well, search no more, I have found Toshi Sushi on Main & 16th.

The restaurant is definitely Vancouver’s hidden gem, owned and operated by Toshi the chef. The place is very tiny, and the line up is always around 45min to an hour. We arrived at around 5:30pm today, and there was already 9 groups lined up before us with a full house inside.

The people there are all very nice, but the service can be a bit slow because of the tight space and full crowd. We waited quite a while before our order was taken, but the food definitely compensated for it.

The agedashi tofu was done just right, the sashimi was fresh and the sushi was yummy! I hear the soft shell crab is a must try as well.

The only annoying part was a family with a shrieking kid. They kept on standing in the middle of the restaurant even though it wasn’t their turn yet. Maybe that’s why I don’t like going to restaurants in Richmond.

Other than that, I had a great and satisfying dinner.

A must go place if you don’t mind the wait : )

Toshi Sushi

181 E 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5T 4R2
Tel: (604) 874-5173
Tuesday to Saturday 5:00pm – 9:45pm

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