Last day of work

Today is my last day of work at DeepRoot, and the 2 weeks countdown to when I leave Vancouver.

I really enjoyed working here, and it was like having a second family. Everyone is so friendly and caring, loves cats (meow), and will support you through everything. I know I’ll wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow to have slept in, but empty, because I’m so used to biking to work every morning, dealing with the contractors that drive you crazy, chasing after the cheques that never get mailed, and counting the drawings that takes forever to figure out. Of course, and everything else that makes this job more than just a job.

Even though I move around a lot, I am not very good at saying goodbyes; it makes me sad and guilty to leave people behind. So I will act like today is any other day, and I’ll say goodbye as if we’ll see each other again tomorrow. This way I can freeze up the time between my leave, and when I do see all of you again, it’ll be like I’ve never left.

School is starting, autumn is coming, and it’s also time for me to turn to a new page in my life. I will cherish all the memories here, and take all that I’ve learned with me. I will miss all of you very much, and will definitely stay in touch!

Good luck, and goodbye!


One thought on “Last day of work

  1. Rebecca Stevens says:

    We will miss you Sophie. You have been a wonderful asset to DeepRoot. Thank you for all of your help and support over the years.

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