How to make your own lamp shade with balloons

What you will need:

1. Balloons depending on the shape and size you want your lamp shade to be. You can also use a lamp shade you already have as template.

2. Patterned cloths (better with lace and holes) of different sizes and colors depending on your liking.

3. White glue that dries clear and a brush to brush it on the cloths.


1. Pour the glue into a bowl, and blow up your balloon.

2. Either hang your balloon on a string or place it inside another bowl

3. Place some newspaper on your desk, and lay your lace cloths on there.

4. Use to brush to soak the glue on the cloths, and place them on the balloon.

5. Cover the balloon until you are happy with it, and let it sit to dry (may take a few hours)

6. Pop the balloon once it’s dry, and carefully remove the balloon from your shell.

7. Vola, and you’re done!


1. Use cloth instead of paper… I made a mistake by using paper, and once it dried the balloon got stuck on the paper and won’t come off easily.

2. You can also use strings to create a different effect. Here are some other more successful examples from others:


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