Jump hop to Corner 23

For some reason I felt it was Thursday last night, and so when I woke up to David’s phone call this morning and realizing that it’s not Friday, I felt quite cheated. The yoga pants were already sitting in the laundry bin, and I was ready for the weekend.

Oh well, guess we have to take everything a step at a time, and can’t jump hop through time.

What I can jump hop to is Corner 23, a Taiwanese BBT place famous for its marinated pork hock. It is also conveniently located at 23rd and Cambie, very close to the King Edward skytrain station. My friend suggested this place for dinner last night, and I was happy to check off another must do item on my bucket list for Vancouver.

I ordered a hot almond milk tea and the Wan Luan pork hock, and it was very tasty. I like how they cut the pork hock into smaller pieces, instead of giving you the whole hock to chew on! The sauce is also done perfectly, and I always leave with a content and full belly.

On a side note, my friend’s band, Aviator Shades, is playing tonight at the Roxy downtown. Show starts at 8, and doors open at 7. Tickets are $10 each, but you’ll get your money’s worth because Kronyk Odyssey, who opened for the Sum 41 concert, will also be performing afterwards, along with Roxy’s house band Troys ‘R Us.

Do not fear, for the weekend is near. Enjoy your Thursdays everyone!


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