Teaching my first yoga class!

Today I taught the intro to Yoga class on Main & 15th at Open Door, and was quite surprised on how relaxed I was. I created the flow on Monday, and walked it through my mind throughout the week. When I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed and was ready to go.

The class went by really fast, and I had lots of fun doing it. The most rewarding part was when the students gave me positive feedback, saying how relaxed and calm the flow was, and how clear my instructions were. The best compliment was when a lady said she was ready to sign up every Saturday for the rest of her life! She also told me lots of stories about Nova Scotia to try to cheer me up.

My friend from UBC also came, and treated me to a hot dog : )

So in return I bought him a mangosteen, as he’s never even heard it before. It cost $2 for just a small one, and after you open it up, what’s eatable inside is really little. But it was yummy!

Oh and I took this picture from Cambie and W10th Ave, where I bike by four times a day every Monday to Friday. Here is the million dollar view that I’ll miss for sure. Oh the mountains….


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