Keeping it simple

Today I am exhausted. I have been planning dinners and parties non stop for the past few weeks, and sleeping late every night past 11pm. My body and mind was on strike, and I almost fell asleep sitting in a chair starring at the computer screen.

I debated about whether or not to go to Yoga, because I know Heather always pushes us to achieve more. Usually I’m all over that, but today, I felt like just lying on my back and moving my legs around. I ended up going, but went to the studio early to rest on my back before the class started.

When Heather’s voice welcomed us to the class, I realized that I’ve fallen asleep! I rolled a bit on my back and got up, feeling much better and was ready to face a tough class.

Then Heather said, today is Thursday, and we are going to keep it simple by going back to the basics. I was so thrilled to hear that this class is going to be a very gentle Hatha flow! It’s like the universe heard my wish and said, to award you for still going to class today, we’re going to give you what you want. The class went by really fast with lots of poses on our backs, and not even one standing posture! I was so soothed and calmed at the end that during shavasana, I fell sleep again (you are really not suppose to do that!).

She closed the class with an intention of keeping our lives simple, which reminded me that during dinner last night at her place, we talked about the art of being simple. With yoga, you don’t even need a mat or a studio, and you could do it anywhere at anytime if you truly wanted to. Sometimes we burden ourselves with too much preparation and extra amenities that we lost track of what we were suppose to do in the first place.

It’s like me wanting a spice rack when I don’t know how to cook properly, and all these extra furniture when all I need is an empty room to do yoga in. David said to me, why do you need all this? Why not just keep it simple and minimal.

A good rule of thumb is to ask youself do I need it or do I want it? If you need it, then get it at the best price. If you just really want it, then put it down, walk around, and if you still want it by then, go buy it.

That way we can all keep our lives simple and to the point : )

p.s. I’m so sleepy that I can’t even edit this post properly….excuse me for……..zzzzzz…..


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