How to get a new look for your android

Are you getting bored at looking at the same old home screen on your android desperately needing some change? Do you have an older android and thinking about getting a new one so it would look nicer? Don’t worry, I feel you, it’s human nature to want newer and better looking things, but don’t go waste your money just yet, here are some simple apps that gives an instant face lift for your android, so that you too can fall back in love with it again!

1. Go Launcher Ex

This app transforms your home screen with endless possibilities by letting you install custom themes. It’s also very fast and versatile, with lots of fun transitions and extra setting. Play around with this app and you’ll never go back to your dull home screen again.

download it here or use the QR code below:

Here is a list of free and good themes to install:

Cartoon theme

Backyard theme

Sketch Theme

2. Go SMS Pro

This is a great app for those of you who can’t stand the boring sms interface the phone came with. It allows you to change to different themes, as well as having an option of a pop up window when a message arrives. Another perk is that you can finally save more that 200 messages per contact, because there is no limit with Go SMS Pro!

Here is a list of great themes:

Springtime theme:

Forest Zoo theme:


3. Go Contacts


Completing the whole Go experience with Go Dialer, a more intuitive dialing and contact management app. If you are Chinese like me, it will automatically recognize Chinese character names and put the last name first, as well as sorting it in the right order based on the last name’s pinyin.

4. Bathing Cat

Bathing cat is a very cute app that tells you your battery level (water level for the cat) and how hot your cpu is (how hot its water is). You can choose from different tubs and types of cat, and it will also say very sweet things to you when you feed or play with it. A must have app to make your android more cozy and personal.

5. Clockr

A beautifully done clock that tells you the time (and date if you have the evolution version) with words on your android with a sense of relaxation and calmness. I just love the simplicity and elegance of it.

6. Other

Here is a list of other apps I recommend, you can search for them online or in the app store.

  • Catch Notes
  • Link2SD (stores apps to SD card but still creating a link on your android so that it thinks it’s in your phone memory, requires root permission)
  • PhotoShake
  • Barcode scanner
  • Astrid tasks
  • Extended controls
  • Go Calendar, contacts, and sms widget

After you’ve installed all these apps, you phone will feel like a million bucks, and you will feel like getting a brand new phone. Happy customization!


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