Sneak peek of my weekend and birthday

I had a really great weekend, with just enough rest, and a lot going on.

Saturday started with sleeping in and laundry, which I got up and put the clothes in the washer and dryer, but went back to sleep in between.  The raccoon woke me up at 4am to munch on LWS’ food, leaving a huge mess behind, and not to mention how stinky he was! I shooed him off with a pillow, and frantically cleaned my apartment top to bottom after I got out of bed at 3pm. At 5pm my place smelled like citrus and was squeaky clean. I wasn’t scared of the raccoon, as he was looking pretty cute, but I don’t think I’d invite him over for dinner anymore. He came knocking on my door (or more like poking in) last night, and I smiled at him but didn’t let him in. If LWS was here she would chase the raccoon away like a super hero.

As for LWS fans, don’t you worry no more, I have found a new owner to take over my apartment and she will take care of her too! She’s a really good friend of mine from UBC, and will be moving back to Vancouver this October to start a brand new life. I’m really happy for her, and for LWS. It’s like the universe took care of everything, and it all worked out perfectly! Now I won’t feel so bad (although I still do) for leaving LWS behind, and I’ll be able to get updates about her from my friend.

At 7pm Chris and William came to pick me for for my early birthday dinner at East is East on Main Street. This is another favorite spot of mine. It’s a really unique place, unlike any restaurants I’ve been to, and full of interesting decorations. The food there are inspired by the silk road from Mongolia through Tibet, India, Persia, to Istanbul. They have a must try tasting platter, which is basically all you can eat of all the flavors along the route. I also adore their smoothies and milk shakes, their live performances at night, and the super friendly people around; it’s like stepping into a whole different world. The only thing I don’t like is that there is only one washroom for all boys and gals, but I guess I can always wait and have a good conversation with the person in front of me.

Sunday soon came and it was the big day for my two best friends. The weather got us worried early in the week with a 30% chance of rain. I hoped and prayed and wished that like always, the report wasn’t accurate, and it would be sunny and bright when they exchange their vows. To our surprise, the sun did come out, and we had a small and intimate ceremony by the ocean in Stanley Park. I am really happy for them, and also glad they loved my choice of decor!

Today marks my quarter century birthday, and I feel so blessed to have come so far in a year’s time from last birthday. Thank you for everyone who has supported me through my journey on finding myself, while listening to my rants and brags with so much patience and love. Big kisses and hugs, and I really look forward to everything that’s still to come.

The light in me recognizes the light in you, namaste.


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