Another day of give and recieve

Today was an absolutely amazing day for me.

I assisted Zee with a kid’s yoga workshop at Open Door, and it was such an experience to see how she incorporated yoga into fun and games that the kids enjoyed doing. It was so great to be around children again, and although it takes a lot of energy and patience to work with them, seeing the smile and enjoyment on their little faces is just so rewarding.

After the workshop, I biked over the commercial drive to meet up with my yoga exchange friend Nihan. She recently finished her reiki training, and is doing free sessions as her practicum. I met her during my mini workshops at Car free day, and she was the girl that was feeling bottled up inside.

We started the session by me setting an intention, which was finding the path to happiness with gentleness and ease. We all die eventually, but how we live is up to us to decide. We are what we choose, and we can live in misery or with a sense of purpose. When I came back to Vancouver last year while David was still in Quebec doing his basic training, I was very miserable and lonely. It was either home or work, and the more I enclosed myself the more depressed and hopeless I felt. Most of my friends have already left Vancouver, and I would often cry myself to sleep at night, not knowing how to go on. One day, it suddenly hit me that I didn’t want to be sad anymore, and I have the right to be happy. So I said to myself, I choose to be happy. If I can’t change the fact that I am living alone in Vancouver, then I can choose to be enjoy being by myself and my own company. That changed my mentality and everything else just fell into place afterwards. I actively went out more, signed up for yoga teaching, and here I am now really happy with my life. Instead of being miserable and doing something you hate, you can either change your attitude towards it and see it in a better light, or as my yoga teacher Heather always says, let go of the old habits and things that don’t serve you anymore.

The session then started and here’s my side of it.

As I lied on the bed and closed my eyes, I felt her touch on my neck and slowly started to relax. I lost the sense of time and space during the session, and the only thing that kept me attached to reality was her music playing in the background. I was neither asleep or awake, letting my body go without any control.

All of a sudden, I felt was this intense heat stirring up in my body. My cheeks was burning up and pulsating, as if my face was expanding in and out. Just as it was getting too much to bare, she held my face and I was back to normal again. Then I felt this tingling feeling on the top of my head, a bit ticklish, and I concentrated on that feeling and moved it around my head until it was on the crown of my head. It stopped there and stayed.

The next thing I felt was rays of sunshine. The warmth was shinning on my face, and my head moved like a sunflower chasing after it as it moved slowly towards the back of the room. As the sun kept shining, my head felt really light and started to lift off the bed. I didn’t know how I did this, but as the sun went down, my head slowly lowered itself back down.

Then I felt her hand holding my head gently, and my chest slowly opened up, which lead my torso to lift up as well. The arms and legs felt really heavy like lead, but my body was so light that it floated off the bed. The only thing that kept me from flying off was her hands. When my body came back down, I felt myself just melting into the bed.

Then the energy transferred onto my arms, and I felt it lifting them up one step at a time. It was uncontrollable, and with each energy push my forearm lifted up higher and higher, while the upper arms stayed down. They stayed up for quite some time, and then I felt the energy release, and my arm slowly came down as I felt the softness of the bed again.

Energy moved quickly throughout the body, and I started to squint my eyes as the sensations got stronger and stronger.

At the end before she gently called my name to bring me back, I saw a white sandy beach, with a white sail boat, and there was someone there, a girl, smiling at me.

After I woke up and saw Nihan’s smiling face, I was still a bit dazed. She asked about my experiences, and then told me what she saw and felt.

First of all, I didn’t really move much apart from my fingers. I was very quiet and peaceful, and didn’t move a limb. I was shocked to hear this, and asked didn’t she see my head, chest, and arm float up? She said no they all stayed down, and what I felt was my energetic body move, or my spirit.

At the time when I felt the moving tingling feeling on the crown of my head, she saw my crown chakra open, and energy just started to flow through my body up and down. My throat was also tense and twitching, as she saw me starting to purge energies that no longer served me out of my body like fireworks.

She invited good spirits to come and aid her work, and they sprinkled “fairy dust” on me, which is when my torso started to float and wanting to fly off. She closed her eyes and saw my energetic body just lifting up, so she kept her hands firmly on me, because she hasn’t learned how to call back my spirit yet!

She also saw that I have a really big heart, almost as big as my body.

She then asked me, do you believe in reincarnation? I said I do, and that we do our best in this world so that we could move past our physical body, and wouldn’t have to live as humans again.

She smiled and said, during the session she heard a voice saying, hi Sophie, this is your last life as a human, and you will move on to a higher calling after you leave this life. She said she also saw wings, and wasn’t sure if an angel came to visit or was they were mine. She called and asked, but there was no answer, so she thinks it might be mine : )

At the end, she saw an ocean as well, and she dived into it with me and saw lots of star fish. As per her request here is the meaning of  star fish totem: it signifies spiritual truths. Starfish people need to trust their instincts – to follow their own star. They have the ability to discern new opportunities and possibilities, and if they follow their inner voice, they will achieve their desires.

I think there was a reason why I met Nihan, and the universe sent us to each other. She herself is very sensitive to energy and can see beyond the physical body. This will be her last life as human as well, and she left me with saying to do what feels right, but never force yourself to go somewhere you don’t want to go. Drink plenty of water, and the universe will always give you what you need when you are ready to receive.

I am still digesting everything from today, and I know this can be hard to swallow. No matter if there is another life or not, I have found how I want to live my current one, and that is to follow the path of happiness for me and for the people around me.


2 thoughts on “Another day of give and recieve

  1. mia says:

    baby,I want to live with you,your life is awesome!And never give up after you move to greenwood,you have such a big heart, it will lead you to the happiness anyway

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