Foundation of Main Street

I love Main Street. Not only because I work here, and David used to work here, but also because of its unique nature and a sense of community. People on Main Street are very relaxed and chill, yet friendly but not overly hovering. They dress not according to fashion’s labels, but what suits their own style and comfort. I love walking up and down the street, discovering little boutiques and shops that carry one of a kind clothes and decors.

The Foundation is a vegetarian restaurant that changed my perception about vegan food. It is so healthy yet delicious that you doubt yourself from start to finish.

I’ve biked past this place many times before and saw the big writings on the wall, but have only discovered its true potential this year.

Here is a sneak peak at their menu:

All of the prices already include tax, so what you see is what you pay (and of course tips on top). Last time I went there with Kenley we ordered the awesome katered affair platter and the wicked mango forte pasta. Both are sure to please, and the mango pasta is certainly to die for!

To finish it off, try their fruit & chocolate fondue (they even have a vegan dark chocolate option!)

This place will definitely be one of the things I’ll miss Vancouver for when I am gone! So please, do go there often and eat up for me : )

The Foundation
2301 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 708-0881


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