Fekkai Shampoo Swap

Last Sunday at Holt Renfrew was the Fekkai Shampoo Swap event. You bring in any full size empty or full bottle of shampoo and swap it for a Fekkai shampoo worth $28. There are three choices, Salon Technician Color Care, Brilliant Glossing, and Full Blown Volume. I brought the half empty shampoo that David left me (it was a regular shampoo with apparently ability to self adjust to your hair type?) and waited in line for an hour before I got my hand on the full blown volume shampoo.

First off it smells really good, and you don’t need a lot of it to get the bubbles going in your hair. I was a bit skeptical at first, because my hair is really fine and gets flat easily. Even with the use of curling irons and sprays it turns flat within a couple of hours.

I washed my hair on Monday night, blow dried, and went to sleep. To my surprise I woke up with a full bodied hair in the morning! Unfortunately it was a bit untamed and made me look like a lion, especially with my fringe all popping upwards.

When I went home for lunch my hair looked more settled but still with body. The roots of my hair were actually boosted up, instead of lying flat on the top of my head. I am impressed but wanted to know how long this could last.

It is now Wednesday and the volume has flattened a bit, but when I touch the roots it’s still soft and bouncy. I wash my hair every other day, so even though I don’t think it will last 3 days for me, I’m happy with just 2.

On the other hand, my friend went in the afternoon and there was no line up! She got the brilliant glossing, and with just one wash, I noticed that her hair looked healthier and felt softer. Her hair was really dried out before from all the coloring and perming.

So is it worth $28 for just a mere 236mL? I think for me it’s not a HG product. I can live with cheaper shampoo and conditioner that boosts my volume for just 1 day, but if your hair is damaged and needs instant recovery, this might just be the product for you.

p.s. The Fekkai sales told me that to boost volume I should only use shampoo and not a conditioner. Very interesting.

So did you go and line up for the shampoo? How was it for you?


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