Where did summer go?

Time sneaked up on me so quickly that it’s already the 2nd last week of July! Yet I am still waiting for summer to start in Vancouver, or did it already pass me by without saying hello or goodbye?

Seems like the rest of Canada is enjoying the sun in shorts and t-shirt, but I’m still wearing a knit sweater and jeans, peddling my bike with wind and rain that sends shiver down my spine.

I have been very busy for the past months planning a wedding for my friends. August is definitely the wedding month, and the date we originally chosen was already fully booked. So August 14th it is then, which in Chinese sound like “don’t die”, so I guess that’s better than my birthday (8-15) that sounds like “don’t want me”, lol.

Then came the decorations and flowers, chairs and table, archway and chuppa, guest list and cake. I decided to meet the decorator in North Delta by bus, which turned out to be quite the ride. I missed their stop at 116th street and went all the way to 161. Then the bus going back was the last one for the day! Luckily the decorator gave me a ride back to the sky train station. I was exhausted, but glad that all the details were set.

Later that week we met at Stanley Park to do a walk through, and settled on where to place everything. I can’t imagine organizing a wedding for 200+ people and how that would be like! The decorator said she knew a couple who broke up the day before their $10,000 wedding due to stress and issues with planning! Then there’s also the post wedding/honeymoon blues befall on many brides.

Weddings are a big deal to many people, especially the bride. It is a day where she gets to dress up as a princess, and have everyone’s attention focused solely on her. All the planning has become a part of her life, and suddenly after the wedding she’s dragged back to reality and it’s all gone, making her feel empty and sometimes depressed.

One of the problems is expectations. Somehow with all the Disney movies and love stories, we expect to “live happily ever after” after a fairy tale wedding.  When reality hit, it hits really hard.

Marriage is celebration of two people willing to work hard and create a life together. It is not a magic potion that miraculously solve all your problems and issues. Whatever problems you had before will still be there, and maybe even magnified.

So always stay true to yourself, and remember that you are marrying for the person, not for the wedding or the gorgeous wedding photos! : )

Fingers crossed that it won’t rain on August 14!


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