When will we learn from our mistakes?

I am lactose intolerant. This means I drink soy milk and avoid all dairy products. Even the slightest milk in my hot chocolate makes my stomach turn and leave me feeling sick for the rest of the day.

I picked my cousins up from the airport today and spent the day walking around Granville island and downtown beaches. It was very hot and sunny, and I really wanted ice cream. My cousin got me the Fudge Cup, and it hit right on the spot while it lasted.

After a couple of minutes, I started to feel my stomach rumble, and the diary part definitely did not agree with me.

Later as I was heading home, David called, and I told him about my sick stomach. He thought for a moment and asked, why do you keep on doing things that will make you feel sick?

I had no answer, it’s like we forget the pain once the scab heals.

Is that just a human weakness? It’s like why do we eat junk food even know we know it’s not healthy?

Why do we tend to make decisions that will hurt us in the long term, just for a mere short term fulfillment?

I remember the story of the mini shark, where he is put into a tank with a fish on the other side. He wants to eat the fish, but there’s a panel of glass in between them. He bumps and smashes into the panel, and finally gives up after many tries. Later when they removed the panel, he still stays on his own side, not wanting to get hurt again.

How many tries does it take for us to learn, and how many times do I have to get a sick stomach to stop eating diary products? Are the consequences of feeling sick not enough to drill it into my head? When can we actually learn from our mistakes and move forward, and not get side tracked by all the temptations?

What about the people in our lives that we see as friends and partners, when all they do is hurting us with words and actions? Do we have enough courage to stand up to them and protect ourselves?

I hope to have enough perseverance and determination to do what is good for myself, and keep away from what hurts.

Non violence. Ahimsa.


6 thoughts on “When will we learn from our mistakes?

  1. mia says:

    baby 换个角度来看也许没有那么多对和错。当你得到满足的时候必须要付出什么,大概只有值得和不值得两种吧,如果是我贪恋美味,哪怕肚子疼也在所不惜。换个角度,有个人也许是你生命中最大的错误。但是你绝对不会放手。不是咩

    • sophieke says:

      宝贝你说得很对,为了一些人或者食物我赴汤蹈火在所不惜,虽然心理明白所有道理可是还是无法控制自己的行为。瑜伽里面教育我们要non violent,其实不光是善对世间所有生物和事物,也更重要的要这么对待自己。我们都是病人,我还需要继续修行。

  2. David says:

    Oh you didn’t use the dog example….

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein

    Next time just leave the ice cream to me.

    • sophieke says:

      Haha, I thought we only talked about the horses example where they don’t jump over the fence because the electricity hurts?

      Well, with that definition I’m definitely insane, I always have a slight hope that my stomach will be fine this time around from ice cream/hot pot/bbq…

      Btw, I will not give up my right to the ice cream! : )

  3. PP says:

    I cannot believe this. You drank (cow) milk immediate after you were born, you always drank chocolate milk when you were home, and you had so many ice creams when you were a little girl. Unless human immune system changes when one grows up, I guess it must be a psychological effect.

    • sophieke says:

      Urgh, I never like milk or eggs when I was little, and they both gave me stomach cramps! You can develop lactose insolence as you get older, and it does get worse.

      Anyways I trust my stomach and am sticking with soy milk products.

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