How many social networking sites do we need?

When it comes to social networking, how many is too many?

Facebook changed the way we connect with people, and twitter changed the way we broadcast our lives to others.

Now there is Google+, the new networking site from Google. The hype around Google+ has almost gone viral, with everyone and anyone asking for an invite just to test it out. It has gone so crazy that Google has seized all invitations, and so sadly, I am not one of the cool people to get a first sneak peek at it.

However, it really got me thinking, do we need all these social networking sites in our lives? Are they really helping us to connect with our friends, or are they creating more distance between us and the real society?

This reminded me of cellphones. More and more capabilities are added onto our basic phone. Texting, camera, games, agenda, alarm clock, music player, video player, and now it acts even as a mini PC with its own operating systems. There was once upon a time when we had to carry a different tool for each of these functions, and now they are all included in our handy little cellphone.

Then came the news of people being chained to their cellphones, not being able to get away from work because it’s always there, right by your side, emails and phone calls you can’t avoid. So, is it a blessing or a curse?

These are great inventions, making our lives easier and more convenient, but instead of sitting in front of a computer all day and connecting with your friends, how about actually getting together with them and do something? Social networking sites are great ways to update your friends on what you have been up to lately, so that when you do meet, you can discuss more in detail.

There are always strengths and weaknesses in everything, including ourselves as human beings. The key to the puzzle is finding balance with everything you do. Sounds simple but it’s actually very difficult to achieve. I have been struggling with it for all my life, but with the help of yoga and meditation, I think I might be getting a bit closer.

To balance, and inner peace.


p.s. I just want an all encompassing networking site that works, so I don’t have to add everyone again and again for every new thing that pops up,  just like having a cellphone that can handle everything and anything. Is that too much to ask?


3 thoughts on “How many social networking sites do we need?

  1. mia says:

    我想说这就是为什么我们老了 跟不上年轻人的步伐了

    每个人经历变化的时间有限 就像你说的 我们经历了bbs blog facebook 人人 开心 twitter


    • sophieke says:

      宝贝你说得太对了,想想突然很悲哀也很愤怒,就好像我们被时光遗弃了一样。在facebook之前还有什么hi5, friendster,等等等等,都被彻底落寞了。



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