Angel Walk

“You are now going to walk in two lines, grab your wallets and empty them into the basket.”

That was Hogan messing with us on our grad day.

What really happened was an intimate angel walk. We stood in two lines facing each other, with a candle in between, and one at a time we each walked down the isle, as the other yogis whispered in our ears what makes us beautiful and unique.

Tears was not an option and Kleenexes were in our pockets.

It’s a nice change to hear real praises from the bottom of people’s hearts, and so touching when you know they really meant what they said. It’s a shame that we don’t praise and appreciate each other enough in our society. We say things like oh your hair looks great, or your clothes is nice today, but most of the time we didn’t really mean it. It came from the very surface, only used to socialize.

Have we been taught to grow apart from our feelings so much that we are now afraid to show it?

It does take a lot of courage to speak up and say how we truly feel. I wonder if we start to face our own emotions and feelings that our society can become more loving and forgiving, with lower divorce rates, and tighter bonded communities. We can then throw away the fake masks and unrealistic expectations to reveal who we truly are.

So please, show true appreciation and receive the love in return.

With your whole heart.


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