Talent Shows

For our Teacher Training’s Graduation ceremony this Saturday, Georgina told us that we all have to do a 5min talent show, showcasing ourselves to “give and receive“.

I started to get nervous, immediately picturing all the crazy stunts and amazing performances on “America’s got Talent” and “Britain’s got Talent”, like singing an Opera, ribbon gymnastics, magic shows, dance routines, even birds that are trained to perform.

Going through all that in my mind, I can’t seem to find any that fits with what I can do. But surely we all have talents, right?

I am pretty talented when it comes to computers and software customizations, like making your PC look like a mac, upgrading and coding your smartphone so it’s actually automated and smart. I also know tricks and hints to speed up your PC, but how do I showcase that in 5min?

Then it got me thinking what really constitutes as a talent? Singing, dancing, telling a joke, reading a poem, or playing the guitar? If you are a professional singer/dancer/comedian/performer, is that still considered a talent, or is it now your career and you have unfair advantage? Are talents only talents when you are not professionally trained to do it?

What’s more, is the whole point of a talent show to make the audience laugh, or is it to wow them with a wonderful performance? What if you are super talented but have no idea how to perform and attract audiences? Or if you are not talented at all but are a great performer and win the show?

I personally think if you can peel an apple without breaking it in between and has the same thickness throughout is a huge talent!

Too bad I can’t do that, but stay tuned for Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Talent Shows

  1. Lara says:

    I can’t wait to see what you bring to the mat (so to speak).
    Remember that it is not about winning or advantage or wowing. A talent is something you are good at – it can be professional and/or hobby – as simple as a vocal range or as complex as building cityscapes from mashed potatoes.

    When you bring your talent into a professional realm it is still a talent. Your example of apple peeling is perfect since it illustrates the vast variety that a talent defines. We are often shy about our talents and don’t often get to show them. (unless it is a profession) The point of sharing is valid since ones talents are often gifts and we all know gifts are meant to be given and sometimes even re-gifted. It is not generous to hide away your talents and keep them to your self.
    So bring your apple to peel or to re-program into a P.C… it’s all good.

    • sophieke says:

      I’ve been sick all week, and hopefully I’ll get my voice back tomorrow. Thanks for the reply, I’m very excited for tomorrow, and I’ve already gotten two replies for my Karma Yoga exchange (one of them for violin lessons)!

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