Give and receive

The universe works in very interesting ways.

Car free day at Open Door Yoga on Commercial was great, lots of people showed up for the massages and energy work, although there weren’t many people at first wanting to do a free yoga class on the spot.

I tried out the massage and aroma therapy sessions, and they were both amazing!

At around 3pm, two girls showed up for their first yoga class, without knowing that classes are cancelled today. They were really positive and went for my free yoga class instead. Four more people joined in later, and I taught the class in amidst loud drumming and music on the streets. It really challenged my voice, but luckily everyone was still able to tune inwards, and really enjoyed their session.

Right after I finished, a girl came up to me and said that she was feeling something bottled up in her solar plexus, and she just wants to cry. I did a flow with her with big belly breaths, and opening up the heart and chest, allowing energy to move more freely. I was so happy to hear that she felt better afterwards, and grateful that she gave me to chance to share this experience with her.

This made me realize how much I loved teaching yoga and reaching out to people, helping others feel better in their bodies. Making people happy makes me happier.

As I walked home, I saw a yard sale. Just as I was going to walk away, there it was, a violin, quietly sitting there. I stopped, and walked over right away. It was a brand new training violin that the owner bought to learn, but never got the chance. I bought it right then and there, and just knew that this was the universe’s way of giving what I was asking for.

I truly believe that when you are ready to receive, the universe always has an interesting way of giving you what you wanted.

Now I am ready for my violin lessons!


6 thoughts on “Give and receive

  1. Passenger says:

    Life is fair,
    No pain, no gain,
    No hard plough, no harvest,
    No giving, no receiving,
    No sadness, no happiness.

  2. Lara says:

    Sophie – I love this story! It is beautiful and poetic. Best of all – it is true. I predict that you will learn to play the violin quite quickly. It is your open heart that will make the music flow! It is your giving heart that helps the woman create space for pain to move and it is your poetic heart that turns all this into a beautiful story with imagery and imagination.
    I can’t wait to come to your first concert.

  3. nihan says:

    Hi Sophie, I’m the solar plexus girl:) You really did save me from an anxiety attack, and I had a great rest of the day. Hope your cold gets better quickly. Peace,

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