Rebok Easytones

I have been watching and hearing about these shoes for ages, with Kim’s sexy TV commercials and ads all around. I wonder if and how they actually work. Seems to me that the people who buy and advertise for these shoes are already fit to begin with, and by walking more you’re already getting more exercise for you legs, so how much of the toning effect is actually coming from the shoes itself?

Today is the day I finally got a pair of my own to test it out. My old Nike runner died on me, the bottom foam are all compressed, providing minimum support, and causing pain in my knees.

I Googled Rebok Easytones and there were so many types out there, utterly confusing me with which one to buy. Luckily the sales rep at Sport Chek was very friendly and helpful, letting me know there are only 3 different kinds for either walking, running or training. The other model names are just different looks of the same type, some with mesh top for more breathing room, and some closed off. I finally decided on the EasyTone Reeinspire for walking, as I bike often but seldom train in a gym or run : (

The technology behind these shoes is that they have 2 big balance pods at the bottom, so the surface isn’t flat, and by constantly needing to adjust your balance while walking, you tone your calves, thighs, and bum.

I’ll update the results in a couple a months, finger crossed and very excited!


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