Some thoughts on this week

1. It was a shame we didn’t win the Stanley Cup, but I am proud of the Canucks for making it all the way to the Game 7 on the finals. Boston was definitely a better team with more consistent winnings than us, but we also lost some key players. On the other hand, it was a total national embarrassment for the rioting that happened in Downtown Vancouver after the game. We all know true fans didn’t start it, and it’s sad to see young men putting their anger and frustration out in such an extreme way. I also have a feeling it’s not just about the game; the loosing of the Cup was just an excuse for them to act out.

2. Strikes have been going on with both Air Canada and Canada Post, and I have a very mixed feeling about this. Being on strike at the people’s expense is not the right way to get what you want. I really wanted to say more about this, but the inner yogi in me said take a deep breath, and let it go.

3. I ordered Earls’ chicken wings last night, and was very disappointed. They weren’t even half as good as before, very dried out and crunchy! I wonder if it’s because the chefs were all watching the game, and not focusing on my chicken wings that have been roasted dry!


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