Shavasana Epiphany

I had a wonderful power class yesterday, with lots of hands stands and back bends. I was actually up in a hands stand free of support for about 2 seconds, thanks to the loving support of Heather and a fellow yogi. When it was time for Shavasana, I was totally ready and just melted into the ground.

As I was just lying there, Heather turned on some music to help us relax, and it was a piece of violin concerto. It was just beautiful, and reminded me of how much I have always had crushes on guys who play the violin, and still will stop midway if I see someone playing on the streets. Oh how I loved the eyes of those boys, their deep expressions, and the tint of sadness on their faces…

Then I started to think that if I ever had a son, I will want him to learn the violin. That would be so awesome. I would have a son to play it all the time for me…

But wait, I suddenly realized what a terrible parent I would become, living and forcing my dreams through my children! Isn’t that a bad cycle and a big no no for parenting?

Why don’t I just learn to play the violin myself?

Then it hits me, we date people who are in a band, write poetry, play sports, or typical “bad boys”, and it usually turns out badly. Mainly because we can’t stand them, and their personality actually annoy us to death. We are drawn towards these people because deep inside we really want to do the same things as they do, and be good at them.

It’s never too late to learn something new, and it’s really about starting now and doing it. So stop the excuses of “I have no time”, “I don’t think I can do it”, or “It’s too difficult”, and act now. If you want to be healthy, then put on a pair of sneakers and start running now, this moment, this instant. If you want to be the spotlight of the party, then socialize and make more friends, go to parties and have fun!

You will thank yourself later, because once you are what you crave, you realize what you truly need in life. Instead of wasting time to find someone to fulfill your dreams, you can actually spend time to polish yourself and shine out, becoming the person you were destined to be.

Oh and it’s Lunar Eclipse today! Watch it live on Google’s YouTube channel.


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