I have long heard the benefits of meditation, but seldom did I ever sit or lie down to meditate.

Life has been busy with so much going on. Even when I am not busy I can still find excuses to avoid doing things. There are times when I am totally brain dead and tired, yet I force myself to keep on going. Or other times when I choose to drop everything and finally catch on some sleep.

There never seem to be an in between time where I can sit and relax, mindfully focusing inwards.

Maybe it’s time to utilize this thing called “time” for myself, for what I have been searching for for a very long time, inner peace.

I have now been to 2 mediation classes with Heather, and they have been just wonderful. I am slow at absorbing information, and coming up with question or answers. So with a 40min meditation where I just sit and feel, I am able to go through what is in my mind, and actually make some sense out of it.

The first time I went and meditated, I realized how much I loved LWS unconditionally, never asking anything in return from her. She comes and goes as she pleases, sometimes leaving right away after eating her food. Yet I never scold her or close the doors on her because she left so soon, or if she didn’t show up for a day. I am always here for her, and I love her just the way she is.

Earlier that week David told me that I should love everyone like I love LWS, I put that on the back burner thinking people aren’t as cute as LWS! Yet the more I mediated the more I thought, why didn’t I love everyone like that? Sure they don’t have fluffy paws and innocent big eyes, but we should accept and love people for who they truly are, and not trying to change them to suit how we view the world. Instead of focusing our energy on picking out the things we don’t like about certain people, how certain traits and behaviors annoy us, or grudging about how some people treat us unfairly, we should just focus more on more positive thoughts, like their strength and what they do well, what can you learn from them? Life is a continuous learning process, and if we focus on the negatives, we are stalled and won’t be able to move forward. Holding grudges and hatred will just make us uglier, both mentally and physically, as it really affects our well being.

So for a better world and a happier self, let’s accept everyone around us, including ourselves, and simply love.

Now that’s something worth an om.


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