LWS update

Lots happened, and I won’t be taking LWS to Nova Scotia… : (

I bought a collar for her again on Sunday, and put a note on it saying “if you are the owner of this cat please call Sophie at xxx”. I made sure that this collar she can’t take off by herself (the last one I got for her was a easy snap off, which she can get it off by kicking it with her paw).

I received a call from a lady name Caroline on Monday, who is the building manager across the street from me. She says LWS is 5-6 years old, and she’s been the neighbourhood’s cat since she was a kitten. There are about 3-4 “owners”, and everyone just takes care of her. Surprisingly everyone lives on the ground floor with big window sliding doors just like me, lol.

And the interesting thing is, her name is Sophie : )

Well, I’m glad she has people taking care of her, and I just can’t take her away, she belongs to the whole neighbourhood.

I think I’ll leave her favourite blue blanket with Caroline for her before I leave.


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