Food for thought

最近没有什么心情逛街买东西,也就比较注重吃了。。。Bagel + butter + Swiss cheese toasted is very yummy; I especially love Solly’s Bagels.Scones are very good for you and low in sugar; really good for me when I’m in a rush in the morning.

Avocado spread on sandwiches is awesome; maybe some tomatoes to go with it too.

Chocolate soy milk + cereals + bananas = total bliss.

Swedish meat balls paired with anything is good.



想学做宫保鸡丁,因为很怀念江北的那家小店,做的真的太好吃了,之后吃遍了南京城都没有再吃到那么好吃的了。。。 Shu 你给我空运过来一份吧。。。。


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